Grinch Slapped!

One fish two fish – red fish sue fish.

LouWhoVille is no more.  The city of Louisville, Kentucky, was planning to use “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” as part of its annual Christmas display.  But that came to a stop when they received a cease-and-desist letter from Dr. Seuss.   I kid you not, SHAM I am.

This year grinchy lawyer Barbara J. Orr, representing Dr. Seuss Enterprises, sent the cease-and-desist letter demanding that the city of Louisville, KY, could not would not in a box, and could not would not with a fox – without permission. 

Copywrong or copyright, it doesn’t seem to harm the image in any way.  In my opinion, this could be seen as free advertising and might boost sells in this otherwise bust economy.   Spirits are low enough this year.  I don’t condone copyright infringement, but they aren’t selling anything. 

You’re a mean one, Dr. Seuss!

“If you never did, you should.  These things are fun and fun is good!”

-Dr. Seuss (1904 – 1991)


Happy Holidays!



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