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Mitt Romney’s $45 million “gift”

Wow – so you loan yourself $45 million for your presidential campaign, lose the nomination, and then file to call the self loan a “contribution.”  I didn’t even know that was legal.  Unfair competition?   Wasn’t it Ross Perot who also self-loaned his campaign over $60 million? 

Great timing for Romney since he’s jockeying for the big VEEP tap on the McCain ticket.  How ironic since McCain was behind campaign finance reform.   Now McCain seems to be overlooking that and praising Mitt for his support.  Perhaps McCain sees dollar signs for himself and an opportunity.  Of course he does!  Mitt Romney had some high approval ratings there for a while – even if it was the entire Mormon population.  Plus he’s a whole lot younger, not to mention more handsome, than McCain.  He needs some fresh meat closer to Obama’s age.  And what about the charm factor?  McCain is about as charming as sand in your panties.  Maybe it is worth the $45 million.

It all comes down to getting elected and what it’s going to take.  The true colors will be revealed as we move toward the general election.  Obama is touring overseas to exercise his foreign policy chops.  Iraq leader Nouri Maliki recently said he supported Obama’s timeline for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq – 16 months.  Obama quickly took advantage and put out a statement to this effect.  Maliki followed by saying this was not necessarily an endorsement for the presidential candidate, that it was Americans’ business who was chosen as president.  Ha, I think that’s funny.  Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience has got him running around looking for ways to gain approval.   Have you seen the pictures?   Obama is over there kissing the troops asses all while looking like a deer in headlights.  He doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing and it’s funny!  I wish I could find the picture of him with the troops.  One is talking to Obama one-on-one but Obama seems to be looking over his shoulder – guess the soldier was boring him?  Sure looked like it!

Obama is grabbing at straws and will be bitten in the butt by this, just wait and see.   This is not the student council Barry.