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Lazy in Los Feliz

I’m having a great day and don’t feel like blogging about anything too serious, like Russia and Georgia, or John Edwards, VEEP contenders and the like.  I’m keeping it light just for today. 

My Sunday began with a hike Griffith Park.  The first trail would’ve lead up to Beacon Hill but because of the heat, we wimped out and headed back down.  Just as we were exiting the trail, we noticed a different, shadier and flatter trail.  As we headed down, we passed a family with a stroller, so it was further confirmation that this would be easy.  It was, however, rather eerie.  This trail wound through heavily burned areas from the May 2007 fire here.  Nothing but skeletal remains of what were probably once beautiful trees.  Some fencing surrounded off-limit areas that looked like complete wastelands, or a cemetery for the dead trees and brush.  It was a very sad place.  Up around one bend we noticed a couple of structures.  I have overactive imagination and all I could see was Michael Myers coming straight for us.  We quickly decided to end our day hike and head back for home for breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast Tacos:

  1. egg whites or egg beaters
  2. reduced-fat shredded cheese
  3. salsa
  4. avocado (about 1/2 per person for 2-3 tacos)
  5. turkey bacon or sausage
  6. taco-size tortillas

Scramble your eggs (add anything YOU might want like tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc).  Heat tortillas (I use white corn tortillas for that great corn flavor) by placing 4 in between 2 moistened paper towels in microwave at :45 – 1:00 minute.   I make my own, very simple salsa, by combining tomatoes, white onion, cilantro, salt/pepper to taste, in my mini food processor.   Cook up your bacon or sausage and arrange all ingredients into your warmed tortillas.  Enjoy!  I will get nutritional information added later this week.  Overall it’s fairly low in calories, great way to start your day, and quick to make. 

The Olympics are taking much of my television watching time, GO U.S.!  I have to admit, I am a Phelps Phan!

So that’s about it.  Stay tuned.  I’ve invited a close friend of mine to blog on Wednesdays so come back often. 

Warm regards.