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Workers’ Compensation

Okay.  I’ve seen and heard enough.  Being in the insurance business, specifically Workers’ Compensation, not only am I disheartened by the bad people who “sue” their employers, but I’m shocked at the stupidity of these same people who think they are making a fortune.

For one thing, every state in this nation requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance.  It is not only mandatory, but statutory, meaning that it has it’s own set of laws, rules/regulations, etc, that dictate how to pay benefits, how much, and when.  There are no made up numbers or dollars, every state has a schedule of how much your injury is worth.  It is nonnegotiable. 

Second of all, it is a NO FAULT system, meaning that regardless of whatever idiotic act an employee did to hurt himself (like running down a hallway to answer a phone and tripping over his own shoelace), it is STILL covered.  This was to protect employers from frivolous lawsuits and gave employees immediate medical and income benefits if they lost time from work.

Thirdly, the costs of your claim come out of employees pockets.  Yes, that’s right.  Every dime used to pay you disability benefits and medical bills come out of your pocket.  How?  It’s an operating cost for your employer, just like salary.  The higher insurance premiums your employer has, the lower the raises you get, lower bonuses (if any), higher health insurance premiums.  Ah, didn’t know that did you!

And what’s with the attitude that once you injure yourself you treat your employer like shit like it’s their fault?  YOU fell, no one pushed you (as is USUALLY the case), so what are you doing?

Do you really think your employer BELIEVES how injured you are because you whine and complain at work?  Go into show business if you want that attention.  We don’t cry about our injuries we sustain at home do we?  No.  But you injured workers feel you need to prove up your case.  It’s not necessary and, IN FACT, causes your employer to rethink your honesty!

Next up:  Settlements.  So you got an attorney who’s convinced you that not only did you hurt your back, but your sex life, sleeping, and psyche are all injured as well.  Really?   So now your employer can’t talk to you and KNOWS way too much about the crap you and your attorney are trying to pass off as work injuries.  You fell, no one pushed you or cut off your balls. 

Here’s what kind of settlement you’ll get for the scenario above:  First, you will lose your job. Bet your attorney didn’t tell you that right?  They found you a doctor to give you a really high permanent disability rating, say it’s worth $35k.  Well that same doctor also said you couldn’t do certain things in that job and your employer can’t alter that job any more and now you are out of a job.  Your attorney wants to get paid (he gets 15% of whatever YOU get). 

So let’s say your work comp claim has been open 4 years (that is the average for any of you who get attorneys by the way) and in the end, you settle for $50,000.  OOOHhhh.  You won the lottery!  $50k less 15% (atty fees) = $42,500 in your pocket.  You could buy a boat, a car, etc!  Well let’s look at it this way.  Say you missed the max 2 years of work and received $500/week (based on $39k annual salary).  That’s $52,000 tax free.  Oh, and by the way, Work Comp qualifies for FMLA so after 12 weeks, you now have to pay your own health insurance (and yes, it’s legal).  So $52,000 + $42,500 = $94,500 in total benefits.  Sounds like you did great being off work for 4 years right?  Divide that by the 4 years your claim has been open and that works out to be $23,625 per year in income.   Didn’t do so hot did ya?  No job.  No health insurance.  No other benefits.  You saw a pay off and didn’t do the math so you ended up losing over $15k per year!

So for those who take their legitimate injuries TOO FAR, consider what you will lose if you not only get an attorney, but exaggerate and add body parts.  After all, when we hurt ourselves at home, we usually go to work right?  Sure, you see people with casts and canes all the time.  But for those with a little back strain from work, you miss as much time as you can and try to “milk” your employer when all you end up doing is hurting yourself. 

Congratulations to the idiot workers of America.  You are just bad human beings and should be ashamed of trying to get ahead by cheating the system. 

— Good luck with your claim you Moron.



California Voter Guide

Polls open in 24 hours.  

The most important right as a citizen is to vote. 

No matter how you vote, if you are over 18 and an American citizen, you OWE it to yourself to vote.  This is your land and your government.  Whether we like the results or not, you should not ignore your fundamental duty!  flag-21

These are my recommendations for the California initiatives.  You will either agree or disagree, or change your mind from one to the other based on what I write or make you seek out additional information – which is the best.  If you cannot have a level-headed discussion with friends and family, write it here.

Prop 1A:  High Speed Rail Bonds.  YES.  We have already outgrown our infrastructure.  We will continue to grow sooner or later.  It’s time to work on alternative transportation. $9.95 billion in bonds.

Prop 2:  Standards For Confining Farm Animals.  YES.  This is a simple initiative to treat farm animals like pregnant pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens, humanely.  It is SICK that anyone finds it acceptable to not allow these animals to fully extend their limbs/wings or be able to lie down, stand up, and turn around all of their lives.   Even sicker is the fact that people find food from these confined animals acceptable as well!  Opponents allege increased salmonella and bird flu from eggs coming from Mexico and out-of-state and increased costs to farmers.  Here’s a simple recommendation:  Only buy California eggs.  As simple as the theory of supply and demand.  The farmers have until 2015 to comply, which is plenty of time to spend the money in upgrades.  If it puts them out of business, then I question their ethics in the first place.  Abuse is unacceptable in any form and certainly has no place on my dinner table.

Prop 3:  Children’s Hospital Bond Act.  NO.  Another $750 million in bonds.  Go back and look at 2004’s Prop 61 that authorized the sale of $1 billion in bonds that apparently remain unspent today.  What happened there?  Time to organize the existing funds accordingly.  Then if there isn’t enough, come back and ask for more.  

Prop 4:  Waiting Period For Parental Notification Before Termination Of A Minor’s Pregnancy.  NO.  This will only force illegal or out-of-state abortions and a likely increase in abandoned infants.  This isn’t the right measure to involve parents. 

Prop. 5:  Nonviolent Drug Offenses.  Sentencing.  Parole and Rehabilitation.  YES.  Keyword:  nonviolent.   It provides for rehab before and after prison time.  Opponents allege there is a loophole for violent criminals to escape prosecution.   I haven’t seen that but if there is, I don’t doubt the law would go through the courts to close any loopholes.   Opponents also allege sentencing for meth dealers would be reduced.  Prop 6 should take care of that.

Prop 6:   Police And Law Enforcement Funding.  Criminal Penalties and Laws.  YES.   There it is:  Sentencing increased for such things as meth sales (see Prop 5).  Opponents allege $1 billion will  be taken from schools, health care, fire protection, and proven public safety programs, empty argument.  Funding will actually come from the General Fund but any budgets or existing bonds for the schools would not be affected.

Prop 7:  Renewable Energy Generation.  YES.  Requires government-owned utilities to generate 20% of their electricity from renewable energy by 2010, 40% by 2020, and 50% by 2025.  Currently the standard of 20% applies only to private corporations (way to stick it to them – totally unfair).  Opponents allege this would lead to higher electricity costs and potential for another energy crisis.  We have to start somewhere.  Like anything, costs may increase, but eventually will decrease as clean energy becomes the norm.  It’s rather convenient for opponents to say this isn’t the time because of the economy.  It’s highly suspect that gas prices are falling as we head into our election, which may give people a false sense that we don’t need to start changing our habits after all.  If not now, when is the time?

Prop 8:  Eliminates Rights of Same-Sex Couples To Marry.  NO.  If you’ve seen my first blog, or the blog before this, you will know where I stand.  More “it’s about the children” ads popping up.  This is a pure and simple discriminatory initiative to amend the California constitution.  It’s only about equal rights.  Hell,  if they stop gays from marrying, what’s next, repealing the rights of blacks and women to vote?  FYI – apparently does not allow anyone to comment or blog on it’s blog:  Guess they don’t want to hear how they are for inequality and discrimination. 

Prop 9:  Criminal Justice System.  Victims Rights.  Parole.  YES.  Requires notification to victims and opportunity for input during processes such as bail, pleas, sentencing, and parole.  Considers victim safety for bail and parole.  Opponents allege current statutes already protect victim rights.  If that’s true, why do we need this one? 

Prop 10: Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy.  NO.  This title comes off like Prop 7 in the use of the term “renewable energy” but is not that at all.  It call for rebates to consumers to purchase clean, alternative fuel vehicles, increases grants to universities to develop cheaper alternatives to gasoline.  Leave it up to the private corporations already researching and developing alternative fuels and save the $5 billion in bonds.  

Prop 11:  Redistricting.  NO.  Takes it out of hands of our elected legislators and puts it into a 14 person commission made up of California voters.  These voters are not elected, nor will there be any audit for their processes.  So where do they come from and where’s the accountability.  Not sure this is worth amending our California constitution, but rather, revisit the process.  Seems opportunistic for corruption.

Prop 12:  Veterans’ Bond Act of 2008.  YES.   Replenishes Cal-Vet home loan program.  Veterans are doing a job for our country whether I agree with war or not.  They volunteer to defend our country.  They deserve some type of benefit whether they ever see combat or not.  Fact is, many get benefits and perks through their employers, so why shouldn’t a veteran – who unselfishly works for our country – not be entitled to benefits for doing that job as well.  Opponents suggest citizens insist this program be limited to the most needy and deserving veterans such as those injured in combat.  I disagree.

Prop A:  City of Los Angeles Special Gang and Youth Violence Prevention, After-School and Job Training Programs Tax.   YES.  Seems like a no-brainer.  Annual $36 special tax on each real property parcel and allows for Low Income and Lifeline Rate reductions.   Good for Los Angeles.  No skin off my back.

Prop B:  Update of Low Rent Housing Authorization.  NO.  Enables the City to receive State funds for the development of previously approved affordable housing units within the City’s zoning and land-use laws.  Does not tax residents or increase the number of allowable units in any area.  Will not change land-use or zoning laws.  Does allow access to previously provided funds of $2.8 billion under Prop 1C.  Opponents say current aging and neglected infrastructure cannot support this.  This needs to be addressed as part of the package to get my vote.

And that concludes my recommendations.



SHAMerica For President!

My Family, Friends and Fellow Americans:

I, like many of you I presume, am fed up with today’s politics.  I find that the candidates have become nothing more than talking heads sounding like the teacher from the Peanuts (wah, wah – wuh wah) – droning on with nothing but drivel and changing their minds on issues in response to public opinion polls just to tell us what they think we want to hear.


Enough of that I say!


I am a free thinking American who believes in Democracy, the free market and the American Way. 


I am pro-choice, and generally against gun control. 


I am for smart immigration and border control policies that neither jeopardize the security of the nation nor unjustly impact families that have come to this nation for a better future for them and their children (like our ancestors did for us I’ll remind you!). 


I think welfare has a place and a time, but should not and cannot be indefinite, nor should it be setup as to encourage people to stay on it.


I am sick of the “War on Drugs” and am for reducing/limiting the laws against marijuana and other drugs that are no more damaging than alcohol.  If you are going to do it to yourself, you’re an idiot (see “Anti-idiot” below).


I hate child-molesters and cold blooded killers and think they should be put to death, and I don’t think death constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” in these cases.


I think there is something after this life, but I don’t profess to be smarter than anyone else and claim that I know what that will be.  I think everyone should be free to believe what they will  – from the mainstream Christian to the radical Muslim and everyone else in between – as long as they in no way harm others in the name of their belief (see my feelings on “cold blooded killers” above).


I can be opinionated, but am swayed by logical rationale and make sound decisions based on as much information as possible.


I am “Anti-idiot.”  “Anti-idiot” applies to a lot of things, for one I am not for supporting or bailing out all of today’s “victims”, be it victims of the so called “predatory lender” (the same lenders who had been praised for allowing people to realize the American Dream), “victims” in the many frivolous lawsuits (think hot coffee burned my crotch), or “victims” who lose their jobs or don’t make enough money to support themselves due to their chosen profession becoming obsolete, inefficient or out-sourced.  I could go on and on, but you know it when you see it and we should call it what it is.


I am tired of America policing the world and getting disrespected for it.  We are criticized if we don’t act or don’t act quickly or decisively, yet we are also condemned when we act unilaterally.  We have young men and women dying everyday and not being supported – supporting the troops but not supporting the war – that’s a hard pill to swallow.  You are telling those young Americans that you support them, but not the cause they are dying for.  Putting your life on the line for something most Americans don’t support, you should try that on for size before you jump out there and preach it.  We need to bring our troops home (ALL of them throughout the world), and put those resources to work in our nation.


I will support policies and laws that enrich all Americans and strengthen the nation.  I follow the “Golden Rule” – the same one we were all taught by our parents and in grade school – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  I will fight policies that do not enrich all Americans or weaken the nation.


With this said, I am asking you for your support in my bid for the presidency.


For a recent news story on how my campaign got started, please click on the link below:


Thank you!