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Spiderman – Cash Only!

Grabbing for cash and asking for more

Grabbing for cash and asking for more

I was lucky to have survived this shot!

It’s Saturday in Hollywood.  My sister-in-laws are visiting from up north and they want to do the most touristy thing one can do when visiting SoCal…go to Hollywood.  I live here, I never really walked around so off we went.

Besides the unusually muggy weather and the typical crowds of visitors from all over, it wasn’t that bad.  These were the people I often passed while in my car, coming home from work, heading to the gym, going to dinner, or just passing through from one section of Hollywood to the other.  I always made fun of these people:  pale skin, crisp new shorts, and those awful Teva sandals over the bright white tube socks.  Some had fresh sunburns on their noses.  Some looked straight out of the Midwest with their slightly frightened expressions.

There are also the locals.  The ones who wear the big sunglasses and mismatched “I’m SO fashion” outfits, walking around as if they were somebody.  Chances are, over half these locals had some bit on a reality TV show or youtube video… I mean it’s Hollywood, who hasn’t?   Maybe it’s the guy in the loin cloth holding rubber snakes, or was it the lady dressed like a genie who gyrated her hips while tapping those little finger things that look like miniature cymbals.  I didn’t see the famous tin guy so maybe he had some luck and landed a gig at a birthday party.  Or maybe those four guys who were break dancing to no music.  There was also a little girl who sang quite well, but looked bored with the whole thing.  I don’t think any of these people had had their 15 minutes yet.

Except for Spiderman.  Now we all know Spiderman, comic book hero of yesteryear with revived attention in recent years on the big screen.  I think Spidey lost his job.  He’s out on Hollywood Blvd if you want to drop by and say hi.  But you’d better have some cash!  In typical tourist fashion, I have to admit, I did have my camera with me.  I KNOW I KNOW!  I live here, but still… I said I had never really walked around my own town.  So out my camera comes and BAM!!!!  No smile.  No fancy web work.  No posing.  Instead,  a request for money.  It wasn’t even friendly.  Wait, it wasn’t even a request!   It was more like – you took my picture now pay for it – no please, no pleasantries.  As seen in this shot, Spidey IS taking money from another passerby and I am pretty sure he was using her as an example of how it’s done. 

So I walked away and let it go.  Except Spidey wouldn’t.  While waiting to cross the street, I could hear him talking to me… at least I’m pretty sure he was talking to me.  I think he said something like, tell your friends what a jerk I am but don’t forget to  tell them you didn’t pay me for that picture you took. 

Spidey wasn’t the first one to do this.  Remember the guy in the loin cloth?  I tried to take his picture and as soon as I had my lens up he was asking me not to take a picture unless I’d like to make a contribution.  REALLY?  So now I can’t even take pictures of these people without being harassed.  Here’s an idea:  get a real fucking job!   Last time I checked, I didn’t hire you so NO, I won’t pay you for this picture.  I can appreciate everyone trying to make a buck.  And I would’ve considered dropping a couple bucks his way if he wasn’t such a dick about the whole thing.  I had ones in my pocket for that reason.  Well Spiderman, I didn’t like your act, so I am not going to pay you.  You suck! 

Who died and made him Spiderman anyways?  Isn’t that trademark infringement or something illegal like that?